About Julia

My personal story: During my pregnancy I often visited the outdoor pool during the last two weeks of pregnancy. I didn’t pay attention to a high sun protection factor, since I didn’t increase I wasn’t aware of the danger of exposure to sunlight during pregnancy. In In summer 2009 my daughter was born. As a freshly baked 27-year-old mother I disregarded the dark stains on my face and the linea nigra on my belly. I assumed that these signs of pregnancy would soon disappear.

What happened after the pregnancy?

Unfortunately, the pregnancy spots didn’t disappear! Only the linea nigra on my stomach faded completely. In the winter of 2012, during my second pregnancy with my son, fortunately no more pigment spots were added! In the following years I found the dark spots on my face, which always darkened considerably in the summer months, to be a great burden. Finally I looked for a solution for my problem. I wished to go out on the street without make-up again, without being ashamed of my melasma!

What this website can offer you!

  • An extensive, clear platform on which you can inform yourself neutrally about the different treatment methods.
  • Easy access to information, testimonials and products.
  • Your help is welcome! Write me, if you have made good experiences with a product! This side is in construction and is continuously extended…

I’d like to spare you:

  • Long research work, because I’ve searched the Internet for hours, what could help with my melasma. Nevertheless an uncertainty remained…
  • Spend a lot of money on ineffective products, as it happened to me!

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