Dark Spot Corrector Reviews


✍🏼 realself.com/melasma: You find on the realself website many different reviews. Even photos are available!


✍🏼 realself Obagi Nu Derm 4% hydroquinone cream, review about the Obagi Nu Derm Cream.

✍🏼 Melasma Cream THAT WORKS!!!! – Honolulu, HI This is a review about a hydroquinone cream. This cream is only available in the USA.

✍🏼 Porcelana 27 Years Old 3 Kids and Got Melasma Around my Mouth (2% hydroquinone) Found on the realself website.

Porcelain Serum: hydroquinone, kojic acid and vitamin C

✍🏼 47yr Old Terrible Melasma Trying Porcelain Whitening Serum

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Cosmelan: arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin A ( + hydroquinone in the US)

✍🏼 realself reviews dermamelan/cosmelan starting today – Germany
In this blog a German describes her experiences with Cosmelan. On the English website realself you can find very good recessions to cosmetic and medical products with photos! ⚠ In the USA, hydroquinone is added to the Cosmelan cream afterwards, which is why it has a stronger effect. So look for European reports if you come from Europe.

✍🏼 MelasmaDiaries.com Melasma Diaries is a blog report about Cosmelan.

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Vitamin C

✍🏼 The Vitamin C Serum That Helped Reverse My Melasma (plus a sunscreen that you don’t want, you NEED)

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✍🏼 Essential Day Spa Forum

My Journey with Melasma – Natural Approach


Adrenal Fatigue: How I Reversed Melasma

✍🏼 Adrenal Fatigue: How I Reversed Melasma

⚑ Here you can find more information about Adrenal Fatigue and its products.

Melasma and too much Copper

✍🏼 Melasma & copper: candowithout

Thulium Laser

✍🏼 Melasma Treatment Thulium Laser