Laser Skin Treatment – The True Story of my Experiences

Which Fraxel Skin Lasers should I choose?

In winter 2018, after long hesitation, I decided to try a Laser Skin Treatment with the Fraxel Re:store Dual (1927nm) laser. This laser is called dual, because two different wavelengths can be used.

  1. The Fraxel Original Skin Rejuvenation (1550 nm) against wrinkles and impure skin
  2. The Fraxel Pigment Spot Treatment (1927 nm) against pigmentation spots

I decided to go for the more skin-friendly Fraxel mono treatment against pigment spots with a wavelength of 1927 nm.

Wie does the Fraxel Re:store Skin Laser Treatment work?

The treatment is considered gentle on the skin because microscopically small holes are shot into the skin. The remaining skin areas remain untreated and ensure a rapid healing process of the skin. The treating physician propagated the Fraxel laser therapy as the method of choice against melasma. She said that through one session I could expect an improvement in pigmentation of about 50%. Besides she also showed me many before and after pictures of her former patients.

Laser Skin Treatment: My Personal Story

Laser treatment: Day 0

As promised, the treatment was almost painless thanks to a local anaesthetic cream and supplied cold air. Afterwards the whole face was cooled with cool packs for about half an hour.
With a creamed, bright red face I headed home, because at home I had to cool my skin with cool packs for another hour as soon as possible. The redness of my face quickly receded over the next few hours.

Laser treatment: Day 1

  • On the skin you could see small dots of the puncture marks, otherwise the skin looked as always.
  • After 24 hours I was allowed to leave the house again with sun protection 50+, which I did.

Laser treatment: Day 2 and Day 3

  • During these two days my whole skin was partly detached in shreds and underneath a fresh, beautiful skin came to light.
  • I was instructed not to interfere during this time and not to rub off the shreds of skin.

Laser treatment: Day 4 to Day 6

Now I was socially acceptable again and the skin didn’t peel anymore. I had a flawless skin without pigment spots. I was in good spirits and was very happy about my great skin! Of course I paid a lot of attention to good sun protection and avoided the direct sun.

Laser treatment: Day 7 to 1 Month later

Disillusionment spread, because my pigment spots had disappeared completely at first. Just as quickly as my spots had disappeared, they returned.

Conclusion Skin Laser Treatment

  • No improvement: According to the doctor, the final result of the Fraxel Re:store Dual (1927nm) treatment is visible after 3 months. The promised 50% improvement of my pigment spots didn’t occur, so I won’t do any additional expensive treatments.
  • Very expensive laser face treatment: It cost me about 2000 €.
  • Consistent sun protection: Since the laser treatment I attach great importance to sun protection. I apply La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 once a day in winter and several times a day in summer.

Laser Skin Treatment: Does it make sense for melasma?

Each of us knows that pigment spots can be treated with laser, but the question is:
Lasertherapy & Melasma – Does it make sense?

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