Why is Sun Protection so Important in Treating Melasma?

Sun Protection and Melasma

The first and most important action is to avoid UV radiation in the form of sunlight and solariums. This is the only way to prevent the degradation of the melasma. Even after a successful treatment of the pigment spots, a high-quality sun cream with a high sun protection factor must continue to be used daily, otherwise the melasma can return quickly.

I even wear a sun cream with SPF 50+ in winter. I received the tip that I should use sun cream daily from the doctor who did the unsuccessful laser treatment on me. The doctors I visited before didn’t mention the importance of good sun protection.

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What is a good Sunscreen?

Important Tips for Sun Protection against Melasma

Recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.

  1. Apply daily a sun cream with a high sun protection factor to the affected skin areas.
  2. Wear a wide-brimmed hat when you’re outside in midsummer.
  3. Choose gentle skin care products without irritants such as alcohol.

Melasma: Tips to Make It Less Noticeable

Where is it particularly important to pay attention to high sun protection?

  1. In the mountains: UV radiation increases with sea level, the increase amounts to approx. 10% per 1000 altitude metres. In addition, snow or ice reflects UV radiation, which can lead to an increase in UV radiation of up to 100%.
  2. At the water – for example at the sea: The water and also white sand reflect the UV radiation strongly, whereby the protection time is shortened.
  3. Winter holidays in the tropics: If you fly to the tropics in winter, your skin won’t have time to get used to the increased radiation. Therefore, pay special attention to a very high sun protection factor at the beginning of your holiday.

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