Cosmelan Application

How do I use Cosmelan?

The Steps of Cosmelan Treatment

Optional preparation of the skin: It is possible to prepare the skin for the Cosmelan treatment with a gentle peeling 48 h before the Cosmelan treatment.

Step 1:
Application of the Cosmelan 1 Mask

  1. Application of Cosmelan Oil Removing Solution (small bottle): Sebum and sweat are removed from the skin with this product before applying the mask.

  2. Apply Cosmelan 1 Mask: Apply the mask evenly to the skin affected by hyperpigmentation, i.e. on the whole face and on the hands and décolleté, if necessary. The application time is 8 to 12 hours, depending on the skin type. ⚡️Here you’ll find a description of the different skin types that exist. Once you have determined your skin type, look below to see how long the application time is for your skin type. 

    Application times Cosmelan 1 Mask 
    Skin type I + II: 8 hours 
    Skin type III + IV: 10 hours 
    Skin type V + VI: 12 hours

    👉 Tip: The Cosmelan 1 mask has a mustard color. Either you stay at home during the application time or you let the mask work overnight, which many Cosmelan users seem to do.

  3. Wash off the Cosmelan 1 Mask well with water, apply the moisturizing cream (hydra-vital factor k).

Step 2:
Application Cosmelan 2 Cream

This treatment takes place the very next day after the application of Cosmelan 1 Mask.

  1. Apply sun protection: Either use the sun protection included in the package or sun protection of at least SPF 50+.
  2. Apply Cosmelan 2 Maintenance Cream
  3. Use moisturizing cream (Cosmelan package: hydra-vital factor k) or another moisturizing cream.

Treatment Plan for the Use of Cosmelan 2 Cream

🍀 3 applications during the 1st month: morning / noon / evening
🍀 2 applications during the 2nd and 3rd month: morning / evening
🍀 1 application from the 4th to the 9th month: evening

⚠ Sun cream must never be forgotten during the day!

➡ Repeat this procedure of three creams 3 times daily during the next 5 weeks of treatment. In the evening the sun protection can be omitted of course. 
Tip 1: Pay attention to the reaction of the skin. If the skin is very red or scaly, reduce the applications to 1 or 2 applications per day. It is also possible to interrupt the treatment for one day. 
Tip 2: If possible, don’t use make-up or use it only to a very limited extent. Instead, use a dermatologically well-tolerated B&B cream.

You need these Products for the Cosmelan Treatment!


The new Mesoestetic Cosmelan Pack contains:

  1. Cosmelan 1
  2. Cosmelan Oil Removing Solution
  3. Cosmelan 2
  4. Moisturizing cream: Mesoestetic Melan Recovery/ before Hydra-Vital Factor K
  5. Sunscreen: Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Melan 130+ Pigment Control

Do I have to buy more Cosmelan products?

  • Mesoestetic Cosmelan Pack contains all products for the first 2 months of Cosmelan treatment.
  • Afterwards Cosmelan 2 has to be bought twice to finish the treatment.

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