How does Cosmelan work?

Mesoestetic keeps the exact formulation of Cosmelan products secret, therefore the exact concentrations of the active ingredients are not publicly known.

Cosmelan, which is distributed in the USA, does not have the same formulation as in Europe. After shipment, hydroquinone is added to the Cosmelan on arrival. I found this information at SkinCareGuide.

3 Active Ingredients

  1. Kojic acid: occurs in nature in mycelia of various fungi. Due to its effect it’s used as a tyronase inhibitor, furthermore it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.
  2. Arbutin: a pine extract, is a natural active ingredient from plant origin.
  3. High-dose vitamin A: retinyl palmitate

More Ingredient found on the Cosmelan 2 INCI List

The following ingredients are listed on the Cosmelan 2 pack, which can also help against pigment spots.

How does Cosmelan work?

  1. Inhibition of melanin formation: The enzyme tyrosinase is responsible for the oxidation of melanin. Kojic acid and the high-dose vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) suppress together the formation of the skin pigment melanin.
  2. Splitting and dehydration and elimination of the pigment melanin. Arbutin in combination with kojic acid accelerate the splitting and dehydration of melanin.

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