Ester C

What is Ester C?

Vitamin C in the form of pure ascorbic acid, as used as a dietary supplement, causes digestive problems in some people. Be careful, natural vitamin C, as found in fruit and vegetables, doesn’t cause any discomfort. Natural vitamin C is not available as pure ascorbic acid and is therefore well tolerated.

To improve tolerance, calcium ascorbate was developed, in which ascorbic acid is bound to calcium, better known as ester C. Thanks to its pH neutrality, ester C causes significantly fewer digestive problems than previously when taking pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The manufacturing process of Ester-C is patented under the US patent number 4.822.816.

Advantages of Ester C compared to vitamin C

  • Ester C is absorbed into the blood twice faster than ascorbic acid.
  • The amount of ascorbate in the blood and white blood cells is twice as high as when ascorbic acid was taken.
  • After taking Ester C, an average of four times less oxalate is excreted with the urine.
  • This is the only form of vitamin C that doesn’t cause digestive problems, even when taking large amounts. Ascorbic acid, on the other hand, can disturb the alkaline small intestine environment and lead to digestive problems.
  • Ester C is the only form of vitamin C that doesn’t attack the enamel.

Why can Ester C be used in the treatment of melasma?

⚡The intake of Ester C is particularly recommended in combination with MSM (organic sulphur) for melasma.

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Where can I buy Ester C? 🛒

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