Excess Copper & Zinc Deficiency

Why do we need copper?

The body needs copper to produce pigments and red blood cells in the blood. It’s also used to strengthen the immune system, to heal wounds, to absorb iron and to build various tissues.

Pigment Spots & Excess Copper

Many people affected by pigment disorders have been found to have elevated copper levels in their blood. Copper and zinc are opponents, which means that if the copper level is elevated, the zinc level falls and vice versa.

Note: Copper and zinc maintain their balance, if this balance is disturbed and there’s too much copper in the blood, pigmentation spots can occur.

How can an elevated copper level be detected?

A blood test can be carried out by a doctor to detect an increased copper level and also nutrient deficiencies. If you have high copper levels, you should balance the excess copper with a low copper diet. If the copper level is too high, liver function is often limited.

What is a low copper diet?

🍀 Eat foods with a high folic acid content, including citrus fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables and whole grains.

🍀 Foods high in vitamin C and E are also recommended. These antioxidant nutrients help repair sun damaged skin. The two vitamins are found mainly in foods such as citrus fruits, kiwis, nuts, almonds, colored vegetables and fish

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