Healing Melasma from the Inside

As the cause for the melasma hasn’t still been discovered, it’s a good idea to take alternative remedies. Most probably there are several causes involved….
Pregnancy, the pill or UV light can’t be the cause for the melasma, because otherwise all women who have given birth or taken the pill would develop melasma.
Treatment with dietary supplements, creams with herbal ingredients or direct plant application can be done in addition to or instead of conventional therapy. If one can speak at all of a conventional therapy, because unfortunately there’s still no patent recipe against Melasma 😂. The dark spots have formed in your body and the goal is, healing the melasma from the inside as well. Besides it’s well known that the different melasma patients react very differently to different treatment approaches…

The most Important Natural Remedies – Healing Melasma from the Inside

MSM – Organic Sulphur

Ester C

Natural Vitamin C from the Acerola Cherry

Vitamin B12

Astaxanthin – Natural Pigments to Swallow

Excess Copper & Zinc Deficiency

Drink lots of (green tea)

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What could be the causes for melasma?

The causes discussed are an increased estrogen level ( by analogy an increased MSH level), adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and a genetic disposition. In some circles, an excess of copper is even considered possible.
Our modern diet is very rich in calories, but not always the healthiest as far as the supply of important vital substances is concerned.