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During my research I discovered the Pigmanorm Cream, which is produced by Louis Widmer AG and shows good results in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. At the moment it’s one of the strongest available remedies on the market for dark spots. The Hydroquinone Cream is only available on doctor’s prescription. This is a prescription medicine, please contact your doctor and read the package insert.

The Active Ingredients of the Hydroquinone Cream?

1 g Pigmanorm Cream contains:

  • 5 % hydroquinone (50mg)
  • 0.1 % tretinoin (10mg)
  • 1% dexamethasone (10mg)

Additional information on the ingredients

🍀 Hydroquinone is the main active ingredient of Pigmanorm Cream Widmer. Find out more about hydroquinone.
🍀 Tretinoin: Substance derived from vitamin A.
🍀 Dexamethasone: is an artificial hydrocortisone (commonly known as cortisone). Hydrocortisone has an anti-inflammatory and dampening effect on the immune system.

Who is not allowed to use Pigmanorm Cream?

Some patient groups such as pregnant women or those suffering from skin cancer are not allowed to use the cream.

Type & Duration of Treatment

1. The treatment lasts an average of 7 weeks. In exceptional cases, the doctor may prescribe treatment for a maximum of 3 months.

2. Apply sparingly once a day only to the hyperpigmented areas. The application should be limited to the hyperpigmented areas of the skin. A large area application (max. 10% of the total surface) should be avoided.

3. Avoid the sun during the treatment (also the high-altitude sun) and use a sun cream with high sun protection factor.

Source: Patienteninformation des Arzneimittel-Kompendium der Schweiz

Reviews Pigmanorm Widmer Cream

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🛒 Where can I buy the Pigmanorm Cream?

👉 PIGMANORM HYDROQUINONE 5% / TRETINOIN 0.1% CREAM | 15g – Only on doctor’s prescription

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