MSM- Organic Sulphur

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What is MSM?

The abbreviation MSM stands for methyl sulfonyl methane. It’s an organically active sulfur compound and not a toxin, as the name might suggest. Sulphur is essential for survival because our body consists of 0.2% sulphur. At first sight this seems to be little, but it’s relatively much, because 5 times more sulfur than magnesium and 40 times more sulfur than iron is contained in the body. In addition, MSM promotes the absorption of vitamins, as it makes the cell membranes more permeable and increases the metabolism. The nutrients and vitamins can thus be better absorbed by the cells, which increases their effect.

Field reports: MSM & Melasma

In modern society we have moved very far away from our original way of life and diet. I have the impression that MSM does something good for the body in other areas as well, so I decided to take an MSM preparation twice a day in the next few months. So I can test the influence on my melasma…

Testimonials: MSM & Melasma

⚡ Visit the Melasma Reviews page under MSM and see how others have experienced MSM.

📚 Book Recommendation

(Amazon) Melasma: Is This the Clear Solution? This book was written by Vanessa Wild. She says in the introduction that this book is for all those who suffer from melasma or some other persistent form of hyperpigmentation. In January 2002, Vanessa Wild launched an Internet chatroom experiment. Only 7 months later, about 100 women reported the amazing improvements in their pigmentation spots that they could achieve by taking MSM (sulphur) in combination with a high-dose vitamin C preparation called ⚡Ester C. The results of the experiment were very positive. Vitamin C is successful as a cream against pigment spots. . So why shouldn’t vitamin C also be used internally? Only minus point: The book is really very expensive!

Why do many people have a sulphur deficiency?

  • Through the use of artificial fertilizers: The food contains certain amounts of sulfur, through industrial agriculture the sulfur content of the food decreases more and more. The decades of use of artificial fertilizers in agriculture have led to a reduction in the sulphur content of the earth and thus in the food produced on it.
  • Industrially processed food: The population of industrialized nations is increasingly turning to industrially processed food. Storage and preservation reduce the sulphur content of food. Sulphur is very sensitive to heat and cold. If the food is no longer eaten fresh and raw, it is no longer as suitable for the supply of sulphur.

How does MSM work?

MSM are said to have many health-promoting effects. The increased uptake of MSM initiates regeneration processes, which can manifest as follows:

#1: Strengthening of connective tissue through increased collagen formation.
#2: Moisturizes dry skin ➡ the skin becomes softer.
#3: Inhibits inflammation ➡ e.g. blackheads and pimples disappear.
#4: Increased cartilage formation
#5: Promotes healthy hair and nails.
#6: Relief of pain

MSM can be helpful for the skin diseases Rosacea and the incurable Ichthyosis (fish scale disease). Sulphur is an important component of synovial fluid and joint capsules. Arthrose patients react very positively to the administration of MSM and report better mobility and pain relief.

What dosage is recommended?

  • It’s recommended to increase the dose slowly.
  • MSM can be taken up to a dose of 6000 mg (max. 10 000 mg) per day, but is then divided into 3 doses per day.
  • MSM is available as powder, capsule, tablet and gel. An overdose is hardly possible even with extremely high quantities.
  • MSM Handbuch Dosierung: Find here the right dosage for your complaints, maybe you have other complaints than Melasma. Don’t forget 1g = 1000mg
  • Pregnant women should discuss MSM intake with their doctor and not exceed a daily dose of 3000 mg, as no clinical trials have been conducted with pregnant women. MSM was found to be safe in animal studies. MSM can initiate detoxification processes which aren’t desirable during pregnancy and lactation.

Where can I buy MSM? 🛒


👉 (Amazon) MSM Capsules, 100% pure, Raw Power (250 v-caps, 1000mg each, made in the USA!) Each capsule contains 1000 mg MSM.


👉 (Amazon) Kala Health MSMPure Max Strength Skin and Facial Gel with Aloe

What side effects may MSM have?

➡ Experience has shown that in the first ten days about 20 percent of MSM users may experience detox symptoms such as skin rashes, headaches, diarrhoea or energy loss. This is the case when MSM toxins are released into the body and can’t be excreted immediately.

➡ With the dosage of MSM you can control the severity of detoxification symptoms and the course of detoxification. The less MSM you take, the weaker the symptoms are, but the slower the toxins are eliminated.

➡ This can be remedied quickly by taking a toxin-binding mineral earth with a time delay. The stronger the symptoms are, the more toxins are present in the body.


MSM – Organischer Schwefel – Methylsulfonylmethan- Zentrum der Gesundheit
MSM, Glucosamin und Chondroitinsulfat -Dr. med. Heinz Lüscher