Tranexamic Acid and Melasma

What is tranexamic acid?

Originally, the synthetic substance tranexamic acid was used in medicine as a hemostatic agent in operations and accident injuries. By a chance discovery in dermatology it was discovered that tranexamic acid also has a skin-lightening effect. The first report of a significant improvement in melasma dates back to 1979. A patient was given tranexamic acid orally, coincidentally it was found that during the treatment period of only two to three weeks, her melasma improved significantly!

How does tranexamic acid work?

  • Tranexamic acid leads to bleaching of the skin.
  • The application leads to a reduction of the colour of the superficial blood vessels. Not only people affected by pigment spots benefit from the effect of tranexamic acid, but also people with Rosaceae, because the typical redness is reduced.

The Golden Three: Tranexamic Acid, Niacinamide & Azelaic Acid

For redness (Rosaceae) or skin prone to acne, it’s recommended to choose a cream that contains niacinamide (B3) and azelaic acid in addition to tranexamic acid. This is how the three substances work together:

  1. Tranexamic acid reduces redness
  2. Niacinamide has anti-inflammatory effects
  3. Azelaic acid keeps the anaerobic bacterial flora typical of acne and Rosaceae under control.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a cream that contains all three ingredients combined. Two products, one with tranexamic acid and niacinamide and a second with azelaic acid, can be combined well.

Usual Tranexamic Acid Concentrations

Concentrations of 2 to 3% are common in cosmetic creams. At these low concentrations no skin irritations have been described so far. A higher concentration doesn’t improve the effect, but only leads to skin irritations.

Tranexamic Acid Side Effects

  • The safety report required by the European Cosmetics Directives doesn’t contain any risks for cosmetic tranexamic acid products. Tranexamic acid is absolutely safe when used as a cream or serum.
  • Tranexamic acid as a prescription tablet can be given by the doctor. Tranexamic acid is also effective against pigment spots if taken in this way. There is a risk group that tranexamic acid shouldn’t be taken orally. You can find out who belongs to the risk group in the following article on ⚡ tranexamic acid.

What can increase the effect of tranexamic acid?

Tranexamic acid can also be used for microneedling. Through the needling, the tranexamic acid penetrates deeper into the skin and therefore can work more effectively. In serums phosphatidylcholine serves as penetration enhancer.

Interesting Studies on Melasma & Tranexamic Acid

Topical tranexamic acid as a promising treatment for melasma
In this study, 50 melasma patients received 3% tranexamic acid on one face side and 3% hydroquinone on the other face side. The study shows that tranexamic acid leads to very good results comparable to hydroquinone treatment. Hydroquinone treatment is currently one of the strongest melasma therapies available. However, it’s not uncontroversial as it can lead to severe side effects.

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